The Kalutara Balika National School was opened on 6 January 1941 as the twin sister of Kalutara Vidyalaya (boys school) at Nagoda, Kalutara. It was during the time of the Second World War. The school was founded by the Buddhist Association of Kalutara under the leadership of Sir Cyril de Zoysa.

On 7 January in 1942 Kalutara Bauddha Balika Vidyalaya – as the school was then called was born with Vajira Kannangara as the first principal.


Principal's Message
This message is given at the launching of official web-site of our school, which is considered as connecting our institution to the world. It will be a significant milestone of the history of our school, as such our achievements are known to the world through it. Read more..
Sir Cyril De Zoysa was a Sri Lankan industrialist, Senator and a philanthropist and a well-known figure among the thousands of Sri Lankans. From time immemorial he had been in the hearts of the people for his profound, yeoman service to the nation. Read more..