The Kalutara Balika National School was born on the 6th of January 1941 as the twin sister of Kalutara Vidyalaya (boys school) at Nagoda Kalutara. It was during the time of the Second World War. The school  was founded by the Buddhist Association of Kalutara under the leadership of Sir Cyril de Zoysa.

The birth of the school was due to a dispute between some members of the staff of a certain denominational school in Kalutara. The school authority demanded that the Buddhist teachers and Buddhist students should attend school on the Poson day without taking part in a Sil campaign organised by the Buddhist Association. The teachers complained to the Association and as a result it was decided to start a Buddhist English school for the benefit of the children of this area.

Hence the school was started at Nagoda as a mixed school with only 56 students and a few teachers. The principal was Mr. D.D.P. Samaraweera and two of the lady teachers were Miss. Caroline de Silva and Miss. Deslin Senanayake.

After a short time the spacious school building was acquired to house of English Soldiers as it was close to the Katukurunda Air Port. As a result the school was shifted to a private house in the old road. There were facilities for the children move about.

There fore it was decided to have two separate schools for the boys and girls. The boys were taken to “Alwis Walawwa” a spacious building with a big garden by the Galle Road facing the Kalu Ganga and the sea. The school flourished in no time and is a very famous school in Kalutara now.

It was difficult to find a suitable house to start the Girls School afresh. So Sir Cyril de Zoysa decided to vacate his own big house with a large garden. He donated the house and the spacious garden along with some useful furniture and a grand piano. Needless to say that Balika owes a lot to Sir Cyril de Zoysa for his gracious generosity.

This on the 7th of January in 1942 Kalutara Bauddha Balika Vidyalaya – as the school was then called was born with Miss. Vajira Kannangara as the first principal. She was succeeded by Miss Kusuma Hettiarachchi, Miss Chandra de Soysa and Miss. Caroline de Silva who was the vice principal at that time and after Miss Silva’s pre-mature retirement Mrs. K.W.S. Peiris, Mrs. Erica Fernando, Mrs. Soma Meegoda, Mrs. Y. Balapatibendi, Miss. Sumana Silva Mrs. Leela Ekanayake and Mrs. H.L.P Perera became the principals in succession and the present principal Mrs. G. K. Gunaratne is doing a yeoman’s service to the school. Present and the Old Girls Association is doing a lot to keep up the reputation of the school. At present there are over a thousand students and about 120 teachers in the staff. The school has produced doctors, lawyers, school principals, teachers, lecturers, and many other personnel in the field of education and other professions.

Present Balikans do very well in sports, specially net ball in which they have acquired the all-island netball troph